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          Chicago Restaurants and Culinary Events

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          We organize regular events in the Chicago area.

          Lombard,IL and Schaumburg, IL

          Pita House

          Pita House is a Middle Eastern Restaurant with 2 locations. One in the Schaumburg not far from Woodfield Mall and the second in Lombard just a few miles north of the Yorktown Center shopping mall.

          Lakeview, Chicago, IL

          Wishbone North

          Southern Cooking, Friendly Service in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood

          West Loop, Chicago, IL

          Indian Swaad

          Indian Swaad serves authentic Indian cuisine made fresh daily.

          Elk Grove Village, IL

          E.J. Pierogi

          E.J. Pierogi serves authentic Polish food, mostly dumplings among other things. Always fresh and delicious.

          On the road in the northern suburbs

          Grill Chasers Food Truck

          Grill Chasers Food Truck serves Flame Grilled Chicken

          ABOUT US

          We created this site in 2003 to share some of the great restaurants, cafes, bars and events around the Chicago area.

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